Glioblastoma remains one of the most pressing clinical needs in medicine. Its prognosis is dismal and current standard of care involves maximal safe surgical resection, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. News drugs are on the way though: many groups across the world are trying to solve the challenge. It is indeed a difficult challenge because (1) the blood brain barrier limits PK/PD, (2) new studies confirm glioblastoma stem cells confer resistance, (3) clinical trials are usually done in recurrent patients, and (4) no monotherapy strategy will probably eradicate it completely. It is a especially dear field to me because as some of you may know I used to operate them as a former neurosurgeon and I’ve seen first-hand how aggressive they are.
All big unsolved clinical needs may be a good investment opportunity. Here’s a conceptual map with some of the leading-edge alternatives and targets that are being moved forward.
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