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We are Invivo Partners, a venture capital firm specializing in early-stage healthcare companies.

Managed by Luis Pareras, Albert Ferrer, and Laura Rodríguez, with investments in 15 portfolio companies and 3 successful exits.

Our portfolio companies have raised over 350M€ from global VCs.

Our team combines scientific, technical, and financial expertise to make impactful investments and foster growth in the health sector. With our deep understanding of Technology Transfer and market trends, we aim to become a leading player in Europe's biotech industry.

Our investors base includes major institutional investors like the European Investment Fund, Instituto de Crédito Oficial (ICO), Institut Català de Finances (ICF - Catalan Finance Institute), Institut Valencià de Finances (IVF), Barcelona City Council, and a majority of private investors.

Investment strategy



We seek projects according to the following criteria:

  • Powerful proof of concept: Solid in vivo proof of concept with disease-modifying potential.
  • Unique Technological Platform/Disruptive Product/Deep Tech: Innovations should significantly surpass current technology, offering first-in-class or first-in-modality potential.
  • Defined Roadmap and Costs: Clear plan with outlined expenses.
  • Multidisciplinary and Committed Team: A diverse, dedicated group of professionals.
  • Specific Indications with Line Extension Potential: Targeted applications that can expand into related areas.
  • Strong IP Protection/Entry Barrier Creation: Robust intellectual property defense or ability to create significant barriers for competitors.
Investment size

Investment size

Initial investments range from 2-4M€, with follow-ons in portfolio companies up to 10M€ per company after meeting set milestones.

Stage of development

Stage of development

Pre-seed (company creation) and Seed investments, in preclinical stage, and direct in Series A investments for companies 1-2 years away from First-in-Human trials,

Geographical focus

Geographical focus

European based companies with special focus in Spanish opportunities.



Biotechnology companies developing innovative drugs, with a particular interest in Advanced therapies and Synthetic Biology.


Healthequity is a VC fund focused on investing in early-stage companies in the Healthcare sector. Promoted by the Medical Association of Barcelona and the financial group Riva y Garcia, it was registered with the CNMV and founded in 2012.

The fund finished its first investment period in early 2019.

Invivo Ventures was registered with the CNMV in March 2019 and achieved a final closing of 60M €.

The fund will complete its investment period in 2024.

Invivo Ventures III was registered with the CNMV in November 2023 and and is set to achieve its first closing in the first half of 2024, targeting a volume of 100M€.


Luis Pareras
Founder | Managing Partner
Albert Ferrer
Founder | Partner
Laura Rodriguez
Gemma Guinart
Cinta Díez
Investment Analyst
Borja Ruiz
Investment Analyst
Claudio Santos
Venture Partner
Oscar Ferrer
Head of Operations and Control
Begoña Aguirre
Executive Assistant
Russell Guo

Are you willing to start a career in the Venture Capital space? Then, keep reading, this might be of interest!

Invivo offers a 6-month part-time internship to candidates with a strong scientific background, basic knowledge of the technology transfer process, and who are eager to learn how investing in early-stages works. The position will be based in Barcelona, and all backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

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SYNTHETIC BIOLOGY FUTURE DIRECTIONS / Synthetic Biology offers new ways for engineering new biological systems or re-designing existing ones for useful purposes. It is a disruptive technology at the heart of the so-called Bioeconomy, capable of delivering new solutions to global healthcare, but also in many other fields like agriculture, manufacturing, and environmental challenges. Not long ago, in May 2010, a team of scientists led by Craig Venter achieved a synthetic biology milestone by designing the genes for a new type of bacteria and implanting them in a bacterial shell that had its genome removed. The empty cell behaved like a factory programmed with human-designed genetic code. It was the first living being to escape the evolutionary tree, with a computer-programmed genome synthesized by chemical compounds, implanted in a cell, and subsequently multiplied under the control of that artificial genetic code. It opened the way to extraordinary developments in biology and medicine that are starting to blossom now. But we have a lot of work ahead. This quick_note tries to systematize the progressive steps in our quest to design “therapeutic life” #quick_notes_lp


Solving real problems requires commitment and focus. Here’s some advice for scientists willing to become entrepreneurs, six things you should think about before embarking on your journey:
(1) UNDERSTAND BIOTECH ECOSYSTEM/ Be aware of what creates and what destroys value, and understand why VCs prefer good problems to solve, big clinical needs, accelerated regulatory pathways and a big delta in what the drug will do for patients: USE IT TO IMPROVE YOUR POSITIONING
(2) UNDERSTAND YOUR COMPANY/ Ask yourself what open questions still remain unsolved in your field (they’ll lead you to clinical needs), and see the landscape of strategies to solve your particular clinical need: are you competitive enough? STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD
(3) FROM SOLOIST TO ORCHESTRA/ Find the right CEO (maybe yourself, but some other times someone else more experienced) and the right team that will make it possible… At first the team will be small but always bear in mind entrepreneurship is not an individual game
(4) CONTACT YOUR TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER OFFICE (research center, hospital…) or alternatively experts and consultants to think carefully about the whole process, the intellectual property, some initial understanding of the regulatory pathway, license negotiations to spin out, etc.
(5) FINE TUNE PoC/ Find your WOW slide, the experimental setting and results that will convince everyone that this is worth doing and that your way of solving the problem actually works… You’ll probably need to further improve it after visiting VCs, yes, but always aim for top quality experiments
(6) FUNDRAISE / Go find capital (non-dilutive from grants first, if possible), understand how VCs will analyze your project and try to capture their attention. The process iterates non-stop, go back to (1) to further understand your sector and start again to perfect your pitch



This policy reflects our approach to environmental, social, and governance management throughout our investment horizon, from initial selection and investment decision through to divestment, with the objective of generating sustainable and socially responsible value in the investees in which we invest.

We believe that major global concerns such as climate change, demographic development, technological advances, and social inequality will influence markets, companies, and society in general, and will have implications for companies in terms of risks and opportunities that need to be assessed and considered.

We also understand that acting as responsible investors is a gradual process, and we are committed to progressively incorporating ESG best practices in an effort of continuous improvement.

In this regard, this policy reflects our commitment to conducting our business in strict compliance with applicable regulations in accordance with the highest ethical standards and professional conduct. Among them, the development and management of social and governance risks of our activity are considered essential.

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