Invivo Ventures Invests in EsoBiotec to Revolutionize Cancer Cell Therapy with Cutting-Edge In Vivo Engineering Platform

Invivo Ventures today announces an investment of €2 million in EsoBiotec, a pioneering biotechnology company focused on developing in vivo engineered cell therapies for cancer treatment. This investment is a part of a larger Series A funding round, expected to be finalized in 2024. It follows a successful seed round closed in 2021, with contributions from notable investors including UCB Ventures, Thuja Capital, Sambrinvest, and Wallonie Entreprendre (formerly SRIW).

EsoBiotec is at the vanguard of cancer therapy innovation, specializing in the in vivo engineering of T-cells and other immune cells. To revolutionize cell therapy for cancer, EsoBiotec is developing a sophisticated technology to accomplish the ‘genetic re-engineering’ of T-cells inside the patient’s own body rather than in a laboratory.

EsoBiotec uses viral vectors for this re-engineering process. This novel approach seeks to transcend the limitations of traditional ex vivo cell therapies that are associated with high cost and involve complex and time-consuming manufacturing processes requiring patients to wait for weeks, sometimes months before accessing a therapy. The company’s lead product leverages EsoBiotec’s cutting-edge delivery platform, to validate this novel technological approach, using a clinically proven antigen. Concurrently, EsoBiotec is expanding its pipeline to cover other immune cell types and extend its reach to solid tumors.

Jean-Pierre Latere, CEO, explains: “EsoBiotec aims to transform oncological care built on cell therapies such as engineered T cells. Our preclinical data confirm the potential of our vectors to create new off-the-shelf therapeutic options. We are preparing to bring our technology to patients within the next two years. Thanks to our in vivo cell engineering approach, thousands of patients around the world should be able to afford and benefit from a highly innovative therapy in the coming years. We are thrilled with Invivo Partners’ support and vote of confidence as we prepare to close our Series A in the next few months.”

This strategic investment from Invivo Ventures underscores a shared vision for a future where advanced cancer therapies are more effective, accessible, and capable of addressing some of the most challenging aspects of oncological care.

Laura Rodríguez, Principal at Invivo, will join the Board and commented on the investment, stating, “At Invivo, we are deeply committed to fostering innovation in advanced therapies and EsoBiotec’s cutting-edge in vivo engineering platform perfectly aligns with our vision. This platform is not just a leap in innovation; it holds the potential to revolutionize cell-based cancer therapies. We are immensely proud to join forces with UCB Ventures, Thuja Capital, Sambrinvest, and WE (Wallonie Entreprendre) in this investment syndicate. Together, we eagerly anticipate EsoBiotec’s journey towards redefining cancer care and achieving continued success in this groundbreaking field.”

About EsoBiotec
EsoBiotec is a Belgian biotechnology company focused on the development of innovative therapeutics to fight cancer. EsoBiotec was founded in 2020 with a mission to empower the human body to tackle cancer by bringing ‘in vivo’ cell engineering (taking place inside the body) to patients. Their aim is to develop cost-effective, off-the-shelf therapeutics to provide state-of-the-art cell therapy treatment and maximise accessibility to life-changing cancer care. Their disruptive approach holds the potential to transform the current standard of cell therapies for cancer treatment. More information: and LinkedIn.

About Invivo Partners
Invivo Partners is a Spanish venture capital firm founded by Dr Luis Pareras and Albert Ferrer, which manages Invivo Ventures FCR, a venture capital fund that invests in life science companies at an early stage. Invivo Ventures FCR has a majority of private investors with the support of a number of institutional investors such as the European Investment Fund (EIF), Fond-ICO Global, the Catalan Finance Institute, the Valencia Institute of Finance and the Barcelona City Council. More information: